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Circular Tech-Knowledgy Solutions

Circular Tech-Knowledgy Solutions

Leveraging innovative new business models and disruptive technologies to transform the linear economic model

About Us

About Us
Vision 2030
Build a sustainable economy and society resting on the five foundations – Systemic Circular Innovation, Digital Enabler, Value Creation, Circular Ecosystem, and Policy Paradigm.

Our Mission
Integrate the adoption of digital technologies in business practice as enablers for Circular Business Models, and improving the digital competitiveness indicators.

Future of Business is Circular
  • Why – fundamental motivation for systemic change
  • Who - prime movers and drivers of transformation
  • Where to – the target system
  • With whom – engagement of interest groups
  • How – measures for implementation

Our Centers of Excellence

Circular Economy

Circular Economy

  • The Circular Economy represents a disruption of today’s linear ‘take-make-waste’ economic paradigm
  • A new way of looking at the relationships between markets, customers and natural resources
  • A systems innovation approach to sustainability
  • Digital technologies stand out for their potential to significantly transform circular value creation
  • We collaborate and closely work with non-government organisations (NGOs) and are a part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community & Circular Economy Alliance network.
Strategic Narrative

Strategic Narrative

  • Strategic Narrative is about ‘creating unique value’ in the eco system.
  • A good Strategic Narrative balances thinking, planning and execution. “Within an arm’s reach of desire”.
  • No one model explains it. It’s always about what’s working, what needs to change.
  • The big picture
  • The essence of Strategic Narrative is to change momentary advantage to a perpetual advantage.
Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies

  • Role of digital technologies in the operationalisation of the Circular Economy
  • Digitally-enabled services: Smart Circular Strategies
  • Ideas of smart circularity and digital maturity
  • Key functions of digital technologies for the transition towards a Circular Economy
Industrie 4.0

Industrie 4.0

  • How to save the budget for digitalization in the short term
  • Which digitalization activities can help over the crisis
  • How to make use of the idle capacities to support the digital transformation
  • How can digitalization help to become more resilient in the future

Our Approach

Rethinking Competitive Advantage for the Digital Age

Rethinking Competitive Advantage for the Digital Age

  • Envision a 100x market space
  • Build a digital platform at the core
  • Design an eco system that accelerates growth
  • Construct a decision making design for Innovation and speed
  • Customize learning, reinvention and execution
Leading the change in individual business organizations

Leading the change in individual business organizations

Proactively adopting Circular Business Models can be an important driver of success for individual organizations if a ‘Business Case for Circularity’ is developed. Five business drivers serve this end:
  • Costs and cost reduction
  • Risks and risk reduction
  • Sales and profit margin
  • Reputation and brand value
  • Innovation and innovativeness
3Ds Process

3Ds Process

Digital Acceleration to respond to crisis-driven market and customer needs. Digital Acceleration is about enhancing customer engagement, generating new revenue and serving customers through the digital channels they are choosing to use.

Unlocking resources for Digital Investments to transform finance and become more digital delivered benefits such as:
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Improving cash position
  • Enabling remote work
Hack your Digital Culture – digital as an aspect of the culture
  • Culture hacks enable organizations to make meaningful progress at an accelerated pace by focusing on immediate benefits that allow employees to buy into change without adding to stress.
The Application of Digital Technologies

The Application of Digital Technologies

  • Digital in business, customer acquisition, platform, investment and business models
  • Clear and futuristic Digital strategy
  • Benefits of Digital
  • Develop ecosystem partnerships
  • Create platforms, gather information, share and distil insights
Insights and Advanced Analytics

Insights and Advanced Analytics

  • Getting to ‘results’ with available ‘resources’.
  • A glutton for data, makes connections between data and insights like a needle in a haystack.
  • Looks at trends inside and outside the organization.
  • Investing time and efforts in research and scale. Things become bigger and farther away.
  • Ability to make decisions, some formal, some informal.

Our Network

Our Network comprises Members, Partners, and Alliances, as well as a wider community who we reach and engage through specific projects and initiatives.


Venkat Subramanian

Venkat Subramanian

Founder & CEO

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